The children learnt about Sir David Attenborough through making their own documentaries. The children made their own natural environments and made clay animals to put in them; they then filmed their own documentary using these.

To model using clay I showed the children how to roll, pinch and carve the clay. The children practised making a ball, snake and pinching the clay. I then explained that the children needed to think about how many parts they needed to create their animal eg body, head and legs. I then divided my clay into sections to create each part and modelled how I could attach these parts together. To do this you can use a plastic knife to carve cross hatchings into the two parts of clay you want to attach and use a little bit of water to help join the two pieces and blend together with fingers. 

The children can then explore using these techniques and can keep adapting their work until they are happy with it. 
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Photography: Thamina M'ah